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About SA mediators

Alfred Wolpe is a professional SAAM accredited mediator and specialises in the resolution of commercial and private client disputes.

Alfred has facilitated the resolution of a wide variety of disputes and is aware of the parties' commercial & financial interests, their personal relationships and ultimately their legal rights & duties. It is possible to resolve disputes by mediation in a way that preserves business interests and ongoing commercial relationships. This is in stark contrast to disputes that are ultimately resolved in court. Private client disputes,have the potential to cause long lasting disruption to family or other personal relationships. By mediating parties have the best opportunity to reduce the risk of damaging personal relationships and in some mediations parties can actually be reconciled.

Litigation is often an expensive exercise in terms of both time and money. Commercial parties often find the 'time cost' of litigation outweighs the financial expenditure. Litigation is a distraction from business and presents an ongoing & unknown level of risk until the trial and any appeals are ultimately concluded. Mediation avoids that risk and puts the parties back in control. Private client parties might not have the same 'time cost' issues but for them the emotional cost often outweighs the financial implications of litigation.

Mediation is a cost effective and efficient way to resolve disputes, including complex and high value disputes. The intervention of an independent & skilful mediator can unlock disputes that have become entrenched for some time. It is also important to remember that the parties can resolve their dispute in a way that the courts simply could not. This is one of the great advantages of mediation and has been recognised as such by the court of appeal.

If you would like to discuss how you or your clients can benefit from mediation please feel free to contact Alfred. Alfred has mediated disputes in the South Africa and is available to act as Mediator in the SA and internationally.

About Me

I was an executive committee member of SAAM - the South African Association of Mediators.
I held the chair in 2007 and 2008 and was selected by vote to act as vice chairman onto the executive committee of SANCOM - South African National Council of Mediators.
This organisation was established to deal directly with the Department of Justice and with the formulation of various laws and regulations on a national basis. View my C.V here 


  • Commercial Mediation.
  • Divorce Mediation.
  • Family Disputes.
  • Mediator Training.
  • Reconciliation.


  • Companies
  • Families
  • Partners
  • Government
  • Communities

Alfred Wolpe independently without alienating either party broke the deadlock that existed between the parties. I personally gained insight into myself and the way in which I engage with others. I thus personally gained from the mediation process. The problem that exists between my brother and myself both personally and in a business fashion has not disappeared but it seems to have created the groundwork and understanding for a long-term solution. Alfred Wolpe is a warm approachable person whom created a comfortable space for over 3 hours which was conducive in us reaching a compromise. Whilst he was friendly he was professional and kept the procedure on track I would not hesitate to recommend him to others in a similar position

P.B - Client Testimonial


  • September 13, 2011


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Name: Alfred Wolpe

Phone: +27 83 560 4994